Monday, January 05, 2009

Welcome to the 2009 Season!

Welcome to the 2009 season of weblogs about Torre del Mar.

In the rest of the year we will be posting news, views, information, pictures & video clips to help those of you visiting the region.

Today we begin with an overview of Torre del Mar.

The surprising thing about Torre del Mar is how a coastal town of its size has gone unnoticed for so long by all except the Spanish. This becomes even more of a mystery after you do discover it and realise that a more perfect Spanish holiday resort will be hard to find.

What the Spanish have known and kept to themselves for years is that Torre del Mar is the perfect combination of working seaside town and relaxing beach resort, neither aspect seeming to affect the other.

The resort is very much tailored to the Spanish, both residents and holidaymakers, and there is plenty of holiday accommodation available. It does have a couple of "British" Pubs and for that matter boasts two Indian restaurants but that is about as British as it gets. So if you are looking for all of those familiar home from home “treats" that seem to have infiltrated other resorts of this size then you will be sadly disappointed.

However if you are looking to sample Spanish hospitality and a real feeling of being in a Spanish resort, then Torre del Mar is for you

The most attractive point to Torre del Mar is its promenade Paseo Maritimo de Poniente and long wide sandy beach which seems to go on forever. Well at least as far as the neighbouring resort of Caleta de Velez 4 kms away. Torre del Mar is in a completely flat area which makes getting around very easy. Despite the town and beach sitting side by side it is well spread out and gives you the feeling of the two being separate.

So,Torre del Mar is the perfect marriage of all that is good about a busy Spanish town with all that is great about a sleepy beach resort. You really can please yourself and choose the pace to suit your mood.

Outside of the hectic Spanish summer season months of July and August the rest of the year in Torre del Mar remains at a gentle tick-over pace.

Despite claims that the origins of Torre del Mar go back as far as the times of the ancient Greeks no evidence of early civilsiation remains in the town.

There are one or two buildings of architectural interest including the Iglesia de San Andres and a reconstruction of the town's original lighthouse.

The nearby historical town of Velez-Malaga offers more in the way of culture and sights.

The beach area has a good selection of water sports available during the summer months. There is even a Nautical and Yacht Club on the beach. Also available during the summer are two open air swimming pools the latest of which was opened in 2003 and forms part of a small sports complex, which includes a squash court, a Padel Tennis court and fitness suite.